Consider this a little slice of justice for today.

We have all seen a police officer do something minor that non-police officers would surely get ticketed for. It appears an officer from Cheektowaga did not realize that he wasn't Sheriff Howard. Below you can see the officer parked on the side of the road by the Buffalo holding center downtown. Along with the sign directly in front of the car saying "no parking reserved for Sheriff Howard"

Sheriff Howard could have possibly been having a bad day already and this was just icing on the cake or one of Buffalo's finest took it upon themselves to ticket the police car as you can see in the pictures below. For all we know this could just be a joke from officer to officer but it is not something you see everyday.

Have you ever seen a police car parked illegally? If so what would you do about it? or do you think this officer should get a pass? I mean the sign did say "reserved for Sheriff Howard" and who knows... maybe this was Sheriff Howard driving a Cheektowaga police Car. Still, it is super funny none the less.