Steven Love, a 27 year-old father of three, saw a man fall on to the train tracks at the Utica Street Station and hit his head while an incoming train approached. Thinking quickly, he tried to reach the man. When he couldn't he leaped onto the tracks and pulled him to safety.

Love was on his way to work at TGI Fridays last Thursday, when he saw John Ciszek, 59, collapse on the tracks  and fall unconscious after hitting his head. Several other people saw it too, but only Love was heroic enough to jump into action. Others just stood by as the on-rushing Train approached.

Love flipped the man back up off the tracks and a female bystander helped Love get  him back to safety. The train operator managed to stop the train about 50 feet before reaching the victim and Love, but nonetheless Love showed a great deal of heroism. Love risked his life to save another, and the only thing he asked for, was that the police call his bosses to verify why he was going to be late for work that day.