It has long been known that the only people who have a low opinion of Buffalo are those who are not from here. Well, the city is finally getting some national attention for things locals have known for years.

 Yahoo's Jason Notte ranks Buffalo one of the Five Most underrated cities along such cities as Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans. He notes Buffalo strengths in the medical community, universities, and tech and tourism industries.  Buffalo's low median age of only 34 was cited as proof that not all young people leave Buffalo. Something that Buffalo is known for is it's low cost of living, with the cost  14.4% below the national average. With this low cost of living, Notte expresses that Buffalonians are able to spend their money on entertainment and festivals such as the Allentown Art Festival and Elmwood Festival for the Arts.

 Positives about Buffalo included bars and clubs along Chippewa, whose doors stay open until 4 A.M and Buffalo's unemployment rate of 7.6% is well below the national average, allowing people to enjoy all that the city has to offer and our beautiful Olmstead Parks (this may be something we take for granted).

 Of course we didn't need a list to know that Buffalo is underrated, but it's always nice for the city to be recognized for something other than the weather by the national media.


We'll keep the warm feelings about Buffalo coming with this video: