WARNING: I’m pretty passionate about Buffalo.

Visit Buffalo Niagara released its new branding for Buffalothis week, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s barely been any positive feedback about it.

I’ll admit, I had a teeny tiny part in the re-branding in the beginning, so I was lucky enough to get an invite to the unveiling on Tuesday. I sat in a room, taking in the new campaign for the first time. Call me a loser, but I got misty-eyed when watching it come to life. I loved what I saw. It made me so proud – not of the minuscule part I played, but of my city. 

I’ve lived in Buffalo for 30 years and I didn't even know half of what we have to offer. This campaign showcases so much that makes Buffalo so unique. So amazing.

Sure, while there are some things I would've done differently, overall I think it’s exactly what we need. The whole “Buffalo. For art.” “Buffalo. For sports.” “Buffalo. For performing arts.” etc. concept really highlights how many things there are to do. We’re more than just chicken wings and snow, folks. And when people ask Buffalo? For real? This is our answer. Yes. Buffalo. For real. (Ending with an expletive towards the person who asks that question is optional.)

Unfortunately, I think the only thing this campaign is lacking is local support. With all the nay-sayers (some of whom I am related to that shall remain nameless) and all the trash talk, it’s no wonder that a city as great as Buffalo doesn’t get the respect it deserves.