At this point, if you're a baseball fan, the Bisons are going to be the team to watch this year! Just taking a look at the pre-season run down along with who made the Mets MLB 40 Man roster, there are going to be some players to keep an eye on.  Not to mention the traditional players that are just fun to watch.

As of now, both our 2nd basemans are candidates for the New York Mets.  Ruben Tejada, a 21-year old, was told he needed Triple-A experience, especially if he expects to create a strong center infield with Jose Reyes. Even though Tejada needs work to earn his 2nd base position, he will mainly be playing shortstop for the Bisons.  No worries though you will see him take a few games at second to keep him fresh from that side of the field.

Justin Turner, the Bisons other 2nd baseman, made it to the last days of Mets training camp before he was told he too needed more experience and was shipped to Buffalo! Last year Turner left quite the outstanding memory with the Bisons hitting for a cycle, a single, double, triple, and a homerun, in Rochester and going 6-6, which was the first time in Bison history since 1936.

Although the team is always fun to watch, that wont be the only thing to look at come opening day.  There have been many improvements made to Coca Cola Field, such as a new HD Scoreboard, and energy efficient brighter lights to name a couple.  The season opener start tomorrow, Thursday April 7th, at 3:05 P.M.