2003 was supposed to be a big year for Bills fans, with the pre-season acquisition of Lawyer Milloy and a Buffalo Bills team that featured a gun-slinging Drew Bledsoe. Sunday September 7, 2003 was the day a young Tom Brady would throw 4 interceptions and get walked all over by the Bills, as the Patriots were handed a 31-0 loss. That was the last time the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots.The Bills ended up finishing the season 8-8 and were blown out by the Patriots on the final game of the year by the same 31-0 score. Since then, the Bills are on a 15 game losing streak to the Pats and only one loss away from tying an NFL record for consecutive losses to one team (which they already hold, thanks Miami).

To visualize just how long it’s been since the Bills last beat the Pats, they’ve had 6 Quarterbacks and 5 head coaches since. The Patriots on the other hand have enjoyed the services of Brady for all 15 games, except in the 2008  when Matt Cassel beat us too. In 2003,the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.72 and former Pres. George W. Bush was still serving his first term as the Commander in Chief. These days gas is well over three dollars a gallon and Pres. Barrack Obama is gearing up to hit the campaign trail for a bid at a second term.  We've had three governors since then, the Aud was still standing when the Bills beat the Patriots in 2003, and there was no Jack FM.

But all that can be forgotten with just one victory this Sunday. Maybe we can even tear down the goal posts again. The Bills have good momentum with a 2-0 record, and a thrilling last second victory last week. They also have the NFL’s leading rusher in Fred Jackson. Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 7 touchdowns in two games, equaling Brady's quick start and the team is putting up lots of points.

So at least tentatively, Jack FM is jumping back on the Bills bandwagon. Maybe this is the week we finally send the Brady Bunch packing.