The Buffalo Bills have had some monumental fails against the New England Patriots, but yesterday's loss ranks among the team's worst. Mario Williams was supposed to be the answer, turning up the heat on Tom Brady. Instead he was invisible. Making it worse, the defensive line showed that not only could they not get to the quarterback, but they couldn't stop the run either. Two backs gained over 100 yards, and two receivers gained over 100 yards, and with over 500 yards of offense, this game was the Bills worst loss to the Patriots yet.  The team gave up seven touchdowns, and it could have been worse had it not been for two missed field goals and two New England fumbles.

The Bills were able to move the ball on the Patriots, but Ryan Fitzpatrick continued to be sporadic, unable to hit wide open receivers and throwing four interceptions.

The Bills were not only outplayed -- they showed no heart. Up 21-7, the Bills squandered a Wes Welker fumble by fumbling themselves on the goal line. A touchdown likely would have sent the Patriots crying home to mama; instead it gave them new life and reminded them that they were playing another soft Bills team.

The Patriots came out in the second half a different team, scoring on six straight possessions. Even worse, the Bills just rolled over and let them do it.