Let me first start by saying that I am writing this before kickoff. My hopes are still high and I’m pretty sure we’re going to the Super Bowl this year.

OK, maybe only half of that is true. But there really isn’t much that compares to a home opener. The weather should be perfect and coming off last week’s big win (even though Kansas City looked like booty), Bills fans are cautiously optimistic.

But here’s the kicker – do we want them to have a winning season? I’ve always had the philosophy that I can’t ever root for my team to lose. I’ve never wished to go 0-16 just to get the top draft pick. But do I honestly think we can be a consistent, powerful team with what we’ve got? Um, no. Do I dream of Andrew Luck being the next Jim Kelly? Definitely.

I seriously dream of Andrew Luck. He’s like Buffalo’s white knight, riding in on his trusty steed. We just need to get that stallion (it’s up to you to decide if I’m talking about the horse or Luck) directions to Buffalo. But really, that can only be done in one way.

And I’m not ready to go there. So, I’ll be at the stadium, sporting my Posluszny jersey, rooting for my team to kick some Raider ass. And we’ll just see where the season takes us.

Go Bills.