At first glance, Buffalo may not seem like it, but we may in fact be living in one of America's best-designed cities.

Upon taking a closer look at the layout of how city streets merge with parks and neighborhoods, you will see that we are all connected. Buffalo was designed by some of the greatest and most brilliant architects and builders to ever live.

Filmmaker John Paget put together a short film highlighting some of the greatest things Buffalo has to offer. Sure, some mistakes have been made along the way, but that may all change in the coming years.

Buffalonians are very proud of their hometown and will defend it to the death. We may be right, or we may just be stubborn. Here is what Paget had to say about our fair city when he first came here.

When I first came to Buffalo, NY from the West Coast, I was impressed by its design. Around every corner was an incredible piece of architecture or craftsmanship. Each morning, I bicycled past the ornate Lafayette High School, through the stately Colonial Circe and up Bidwell Parkway to Caffé Aroma on Elmwood Avenue. The daily journey offered more than a jolt of caffeine; it provided the bolt of creative inspiration that can occur while rolling down a grand, tree-lined boulevard.

We truly are lucky to live in such a great city. I can't think of anywhere else I could really call home.