Advertising is one evil SOB. Commercials are inside every crevice that they can possibly be stuffed into. You think getting the chorus to Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” out of your head is impossible? Not even half as bad as cleansing yourself from the all-powerful cheesy local ad jingles. Here are my top 5 most unforgettable hooks:

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    Transit Towne Dodge

    You Can’t Dodge a Transit Town Dodge Deeeeeeeaaaaal” This jingle has literally made me think that it is impossible to get out of the way of a Transit Towne Dodge deal. It will come barreling down the street at over 400 miles per hour and no matter how crafty of a getaway you devise this savings is going to mow you down. Barry Sanders couldn’t dodge this deal. The only way to survive this deal is to go there, trade in your car and accept one of these deals on a better automobile. If you refuse to you will be sorry.

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    William Mattar

    Hurt in a carrrrrrrrrrrrrr? Call William Mattarrrrrrrrrrrrr” If William Mattars Kermit the frog voice wasn’t enough to have you never forget this commercial, then they will undoubtedly have you in a trance when they repeat 844 4444 about 75 times in a 30 second ad. I will go to my grave remembering that phone number. On top of that over the top annoyance they are smart enough to have 5 different people pretend like someone just asked them “Hey who do you call if a car hurt you?” OHHHHHHH!!!! William Mattar!!!!!! DUH!

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    Hutchin’s Automotive

    The right parts….At the right price….Hutchin’s Automotive ” This one is not annoying to me at all; I can actually picture it being the chorus to a hit song by Bruce Springsteen. Whoever wrote this jingle is a genius and I would like to start a band with them. It is quick and to the point, it lets you know where you can get the right parts and even tells you they are affordable. If you think you don’t know how this song goes you are just fooling yourself, you have heard it and even if you don’t like it your subconscious LOVES it and will repeat it to you until you bang your head against a wall.

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    Dress up your home for less………FWS!!!!” I am not lying when I tell you that I have actually sang this jingle out loud repeatedly at my girlfriend over and over and over until she would sing it back to me. It uses that 1930’s megaphone crooner effect on the singer’s voice which is fantastically quirky and very fun to impersonate. I will give you a minute to try it out for yourself just pretend like you are a gangster doing the “take em for a ride see..” voice. See isn’t that jingle GREAT? If there was local jingle karaoke I would sing this song.

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    Cellino and Barnes

    Cellino and Barnes…..Your injury attor-ney, Call 854 TWENTY TWENTY” I absolutely positively did NOT need to Google the phone number in that jingle, and I’m sure you wouldn’t need to either. The word on the street is that these guys spend about 604 Billion dollars a month on advertising and boy has it worked. Even though it is one of the most frightening experiences on earth having to see these two horrendous looking dudes in a full faced 50 foot advertisement on every major thruway in WNY, they sure know how to invade your nightmares. Having the actual phone number to your business inside a pretty memorable jingle is genius. These guys deserve to be millionaires.