Since today is Thanksgiving and I've been giving a lot of attention to this holiday, I'd like to talk a little strategy when it comes to breaking the wishbone. From what I read on the Internet (and we all know how the Internet is correct on everything), the tradition of breaking the wishbone dates back a good 2,000-some odd years.  Even phrases like "getting a lucky break" come from this "fowl" tradition. 

After the meal is eaten and the wishbone has properly dried out, you may be chosen to break the wishbone, so be prepared.  When you stand up to meet your challenger, make sure you are standing with your feet a shoulder length apart.  Grasp the bottom of the wishbone firmly in your dominant hand, and make sure you are parallel with the wishbone.  Holding the wishbone directly in front of you and tugging at it could cause serious injury, including but not limited to: falling over, wishbone splinters hitting your face and stabbing yourself with the broken short end of the bone. Use eye protection if you must look directly at the wishbone. You should close your eyes and make your wish before you start pulling. Visualize the top breaking off in your favor before you pull on the wishbone.  Giving the wishbone a slight twist as you pull it slowly toward you gives you a great deal of angular torque, and if the other person pulls fast you could have the advantage.

Here's a great how-to video:

Here's some more videos of wishbone breakage:

This guy is pretty quick with his interpretation of a split decision:

I think people should step it up this year and really make wishbone breaking a competition.  Feel free to send your videos of wishbone-crushing action to us!