A fast food chain recently announced that you can get pancakes any time of day now. And I’m sure many of you have been to restaurants that serve breakfast all day long, too. I’m sure you also know some people who are excited by this. I’m not one of them.

I want to go to a restaurant that serves lunch or even dinner all day long. I mean seriously, why can’t I get a BLT at 9 a.m.? It’s essentially breakfast, with bacon and toast. Is it too much to ask for some vegetables and mayo to go with it?

If you can’t tell, I am not a fan of breakfast food. Cereal gets soggy in milk. Breakfast meats sit in your stomach like a rock. Eggs are eggs. Especially on weekends, when you’re feeling…uh…under the weather, don’t you just want to chow down on a chicken finger sub and/or French fries?

Tell me if I stand alone in my quest to find a place to serve me a nice burger for breakfast. But if I’m not alone, I think I just got an outstanding business idea. Who’s with me?!