As far as we know, tomorrow night's Bob Seger concert is still on. Seger postponed a show in Cleveland this week because of the flu, but as long as he's feeling better, the show goes on. The first leg of Seger's Tour takes him through the rust belt, where he forged his way as the working man's rocker. But even Seger admits in Rolling Stone that his career may be winding down and this week's health issues may be an indication of just how hard it is for a 65 year old singer to do three shows a week.

But Seger has worked hard getting in shape for the tour dropping 28 pounds. He complains that he's not used to sitting on a stool playing guitar and feels even more back pain when playing the piano. It must be tough being an aging rocker, especially when your fondest memories are from the glory years. 

Every time I think of Seger, I have a mental picture of his live album "Nine Tonight" with his flowing biker hair. He was supercool. A vibrant performer, as this video for Hollywood Nights attests, but I would bet that his voice will be in top form tomorrow night for the sold out show at HSBC Arena.

About three hours before he’s set to take the stage for the third show of his 2011 tour, Bob Seger is in his dressing room backstage at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, smoking Marlboros with his feet up on a coffee table.