The summer event "Thursday At The Square" has two more concerts this summer before moving to the Harbor. This is an exciting Thursday as 'Blues Traveler' makes yet another appearance in Buffalo.

This is the second to last square concert which features Buffalo's own Willie Nile opening for 'Blues Traveler'.

The Boys of the "Blues Traveler" have known and performed with each other since they attended high school in New Jersey.  At that time they had practiced in their garage and went from bar to bar to play their music.  The rock band was first introduced to the world in the mid 90's.  The boys had experienced a few problems, one of them being lead singer John Popper having weight issues andwere eventually dropped from their label.  Now Popper has lost weight and the band is rocking harder than ever.

There most famous songs are "Run Around" and "Hook"  off of their fourth album, cleverly named 'Four'. With these and other great tracks from the last couple of decades, this band is truly one of the purest blues bands that has survived over time. Come down to the square and be prepared for a great time with great music.

This is the second to last concert that will be held at the square and it just happens to be hosted by your favorite radio station...US.