It's been 35 years since Western New York was hit by one of the worst snow storms in recorded history.  When ever you mention "The Blizzard of 77" to a Western New Yorker who lived through it, you can be sure they have a personal story to tell.  I was 10 years old at the time and all I knew was that I had a snow day.  Little did I know there were people stranded in their cars on impassable roads, some of those cars ended up being buried.  It wasn't until days later that the drivers were found by plows trying to clear snow from the roads.

I can still remember hearing Mayor Jimmy Griffin telling people to "pick up a six pack and stay home".  It got so bad that even President Jimmy Carter got involved and declared New York and Pennsylvania disaster areas.

In true Western New York fashion people began helping each other out.  Those with snowmobiles began rescuing drivers that were stranded on roads, checking on elderly neighbors, and helping each other dig out our cars and homes.

Because of the huge effect the storm had on our lives some businesses began producing memorabilia products related to the blizzard. 

The Buffalo News sold tote bags with day's front page headlines printed on it.

One company produced a board game based on the storm.

The now defunct Courier Express News Paper sold glasses featuring the storm

With the abnormally warm winter we are experiencing in Buffalo a blizzard is the furthest thing from our minds but let's remember that Lake Erie is not even close to being frozen over.  Are we sitting next to a ticking time bomb? It may be 55 degrees today but we al