Some good-natured ribbing of NFL insider Adam Schefter has accidently turned into a full-blown movement, with the hashtag #BillsMafia receiving some national attention this week in the 'Huffington Post'. The hashtag was created when Schefter blocked some followers who teased him for missing Stevie Johnson's now famous "God Tweet."

A lifelong Bills fan, Del Reid, coined the term #BillsMafia, and it slowly began to take off with fans and players. Reid told the 'Huffington Post' that the term binds Bills fans together through good and bad and has created a bit of a community. @BillsMafia now has over 8,000 followers, and this weekend, they plan on getting together at the Pan American Grill on Saturday for a "tweetup" to raise money for Roswell Park, and again on Sunday before the Bills/Patriots game. Here's a chance to put a face behind the members of the Bills Mafia.

Some of those faces are already well known, as Thurman Thomas, Daryl Talley and a slew of current Bills usually post tweets out to the Bills Mafia on a regular basis. We don't know if Thomas and Talley will show up to support the Mafia, but we are hoping the Bills show up to beat the Pats. One thing is for sure, #BillsMafia will have lots to say.