The Bills have had a slow off season thus-far, but the signing of 8-year veteran and former champion Nick Barnett is big.

Barnett was released from the Green Bay Packers this summer after having spent the last 8 years with the team. He was allegedly deciding between Buffalo and Detroit, and made a wise choice in our opinion. Barnett said he like the way the team was headed, and was familiar with players like Shawne Merriman and coach Bob Sanders. The signing fills a huge need for the Bills, who were weak at Linebacker after Paul Posluszny signed with the Jaguars. GM Buddy Nix said he tried to draft Barnett 8 years ago, but the Packers jumped in and took him before he had the chance. The terms of the contract are a very reasonable 3 year $12 million dollar deal. Yeah, we know what your thinking, we wish we made a fraction of that too. Because of new NFL rules, Barnett won't be able to practice fully with the team until Thursday, but he will still be able to attend meetings and work out.

(Yahoo Sports)