The Buffalo Bills newest players have a lot of positive things to say about Buffalo? Monday, Bills newbies ventured on their annual WNY tour.

"I didn't really think too much about Buffalo, didn't have a chance to really see anything. But now that I'm out and getting a chance to go places, it's nice. I like it,"  Ron Brooks told the The Buffalo News .

Take that Willis McGahee for your remarks back in 2000. The weather didn't even phase this new guy!

Brooks, the team's fourth round pick from Irving, Texas, said he hasn't traveled north of Tennessee.  Niagara Falls "took his breath away,"  as the team traveled by bus from Orchard Park to the Naval Park downtown, concluding the evening with a dinner at Chef's.

Brooks remarked that most of the players just felt relieved snow didn't brush their shoulders in the middle of May based on what they heard about the notorious Buffalo weather. Even though temperatures on Monday didn't reach linebacker Nigel Bradham's temperatures of hometown Crawfordville, Fla., Bradham still remarked that the weather was, wait for it, nice. Brooks even added that "it's better than being in the hot and humidity." Now who's already waiting to buy Brooks and Bradham jerseys?

The biggest lesson learned by the rookies came from Paul Lancaster, the Bills' director of player engagement, who addressed the misconception about Buffalo that no, it doesn't snow here everyday and no, it's not always 30 degrees. Thanks Paul for clearing that up. Now if we could just get the Bills players to comment on Buffalo girls we're all set.

Contributed by: Marissa Bruno