We've been down this road before with the Buffalo Bills but as fans it is hard not to get excited when our team starts to win.  First it was scoring 41 points against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Now we have a come from behind win to beat the Oakland Raiders, but next weeks game against the New England Patriots will be the true test. 

In the past two weeks Patriot quarterback Tom Brady has thrown for nearly 1000 yards.  That is a crazy number and the Bills defensive secondary is at best average.  We could potentially see Tom Brady throw for yet another 400+ yard game.  Unless the Bills can muster some sort of pass rush I expect this to be a very lopsided game.

On the other hand the Patriots Defense has also given up a lot of yards to the opposing offenses.  If Ryan Fitzpatrick can keep our offense on the field and Tom Brady on the sideline the Bills stand a good chance of winning this game..

Bills and Patriots kick off at 1:00pm at Ralph Wilson Stadium (more).