The Ralph Wilson Stadium has always been ranked in the Top 5 stadiums to tailgate in the NFL. 

The fans sometimes get a little out of control, but it has never been a huge problem before, until now.   The stadium has introduced some changes for cautious and convenience reasons only.

The tailgating at the stadium will now open four hours prior to a game, instead of five.  They are also not allowing smoking anywhere inside the stadium.  Ralph Wilson is now a smoke-free stadium along with many others.  These bans will come into affect next month. 

So they cut an hour off of our tailgating...What does this mean?  Will we pregame harder than ever before or we will continue our regular traditions? 

No Smoking in the stadium, so where can a smoker go? We all know there is no re-entry if you do happen to step out.  Will game attendance decrease?! 

What does this call for die-hard Bills fans?!  A revolution?? 

In good time will we figure out the answers to these questions. But for now, we will remember the crazy ones! Let's Go Buffalo, bring on the 2011 season!