Here at Jack FM we love our babes at the beach... but literally babies in bikini's? I don't think that's what we mean when we say babes! ‘Good Morning America’ brought this horrifying visualization to our attention when they reported on the insane new trend last week  — “babykinis,” OH yes, Babykinis. Bikini's for toddlers.

A whole new meaning of beach bunny's is coming into play. The makers of these tiny two pieces feel there is nothing wrong with them and that they are cute! I mean what is more adorable than "thunder thighs" and "baby fat" in a two piece, they say it has never looked so cute!

Are they serious, how could this be just for fun! It's an infant in a bikini a 20-year old would strut her stuff in... UUMMMM does any see a problem with this. Why don't you just post a sign on your child for the pedophiles! I get they look adorable but way, way too young!

Two pieces for children have always been around, but in a classier way. Not string bikini's. I guess there is a fine line between "sexualizing" your child and a "cute photo op". Decide for yourself, check out the video below!