The Lingerie Football League may be taking a season off, but don't worry, a Bikini Hockey League is in the works. Instead of playing on ice (which would have been fun to watch) the ladies will be on roller blades (which means warmer and less clothing and that is awesome).

According to their website, the BHL has a casting call for their new reality show in Tulsa Oklahoma. Seriously?!? Tulsa Oklahoma? Have they even heard of hockey in Tulsa? Come to Buffalo, we actually know what hockey is!

This would be great for Buffalo, I know women around here that know more about hockey than most guys. We are passionate about hockey, passionate about bikinis and if you put the two together, Buffalo would have the

best fans in the league.

Unfortunately it seems like this is only for a TV show than for an actual league becauseI really wanted to hear Rick Jeanneret calling one of these games. 'Top shelf where mommy hides the milk' (for the cookies).

On a related note, JACK FM is starting a Bikini Bowling League and we are looking for a few good bowlers, send in a pic of you in a bikini (guys or girls...preferably girls) and a quick bio of why you should be on our team to