What is Maple Weekend?

At the beginning of every Spring, New York State celebrates Maple weekend and is a cool, unique experience for people to go to "sugar houses" in their area and learn all about the production of maple syrup and other related products. You can check out the process and history behind syrup making and luckily for us--Western New York has the some of the greatest locations that participate in the whole state of New York. The best part is that typically the tours and samples are FREE, but sometimes the Pancake Breakfasts, where provided, are extra.

2015 is the 20th anniversary of Maple Weekend and here are some of the sugar houses you can visit this weekend, March 21-22, 2015.

  • 1

    Weber's Maple

    West Falls, NY

  • 2

    Smith's Maple Farm

    Hamburg, NY

  • 3

    Kist Maple Syrup

    Boston, NY

  • 4

    Gabel's Maple Syrup

    Lawton, NY

  • 5

    Maple Glen Sugar House

    Gowanda, NY

  • 6

    Fairbanks Maple

    Forestville, NY

  • 7

    Wendel's Maply + More

    East Concord, NY

  • 8

    Ploetz's Maple

    Springville, NY

  • 9

    Stony Acres Farm

    East Aurora, NY

  • 10

    Gaeta Family Farm

    Lockport, NY

  • 11

    Maple Moon Farms

    Attica, NY

  • 12

    Wolf Maple Products

    Middleport, NY