Man, does it take a LOT of work to take a day off! Chuck, our Jack's Day Off winner, has spent the last couple of days with the  Jack FM crew in our dumpy little studio, preparing for Friday's vacation/takeover. Sure, he's been doing a lot of the heavy lifting -- voice work, programming, directing the rest of us around -- but we don't trust him enough to just give him the keys and leave, so we've still got to keep an eye on him!

Chuck will be in tomorrow to officially take the reins for 24 hours, but yesterday, he sent us this e-mail of gratitude for his experience so far.

You guys are TOOOOO Cool.

My family, friends, coworkers, everyone, wants the entire scoop - I can't get any work done. They not only feel as they helped, they feel as if they are participating in the event. They are having fun too.

What an experience. I can't thank you enough, and it hasn't even played out yet. Just the entire creative and technical exposure for me. And it had to come when I got old. I wonder if I have another Career left in me. I would love to play with Chris's and Keith's audio equipment.

If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask. Something like this happens to someone only once in a lifetime. Instead of 15 minutes worth of fame, you are giving me 24 hours.

I know it has been a lot of work for all of you guys to pull off something like this, and that is what makes Jack FM unique... (to say the least.) It was a pleasure to meet and talk with everyone there. I appreciate ALL of the work your staff has put into it.

So with that, thank you again for the opportunity to participate in your creative endeavor and thank you for the patience that ALL of you had with me.

P.S. My wife is so excited to visit the radio station Friday. Are you sure that it will be ok then ?

He likes us -- he really likes us! Thanks for the validation, Chuck! And thanks for letting us play hookey for a day.

Want to hear more about Chuck's time preparing for Jack's Day Off? Check out the video below!