Behind the Pine is a web-series where we let bartenders around Buffalo rant and rave. Then we post it on the internet for everyone to see! We’re always looking for new people to interview so if you know anyone, email us at THANKS!

Episode 4 - Drew Love

When I first started going to Allentown to drink I was quickly introduced to Drew and "The Old Pink," needless to say it was love at first shot. The Pink is known for it's rock music, it's cheap drinks and it's AMAZING steak sandwich. Drew has more bartending experience than I have years out of diapers and he has the stories to go with it. In fact his shoot was filled with so much awesome we had to split it into TWO PARTS. Make sure you watch BOTH videos below!

NOTE: There's a SURPRISE guest in Part 2, it's NOT TO BE MISSED

Part 1

Part 2

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What's your favorite "bar food" and where is it served?

As always big thanks to Drew for taking time out of his day, big thanks to The Pink for letting us shoot, HUGE props to Justin Bondi for his camera and editing talent and THANK YOU for sticking with us and watching!