Welcome to our second installment of Behind the Pine, where we get to know Buffalo bartenders! We tried to class this one up a bit with a pretty girl and (almost) equally pretty camera work. We continue to try to make this as entertaining as possible for YOU so PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. Let us know what you want to see, what questions you want asked or anything you think we can do to make this series better!

Episode 2 - Heather Oishei

I've been drinking with Heather from Trattoria Aroma for a while now. She's a really sweet girl and has a heavy hand when it comes to pouring drinks (always a plus). You can tell she's holding back a little in this interview, most likely because she saw her good friend Donny COMPLETELY DERAIL in Episode 1. Anyway, she gives us some tips on how to properly order a drink (so it doesn't seem like your soliciting something else) and tells an interesting story about a tattoo parlor at 2:30am on a Wednesday.

I'd like to thank my friend Justin Bondi for offering his camera services for this episode.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you like the rough cut/guerrilla style of Episode 1 or do you prefer the clean, professional look in Episode 2? Let us know, comment below!

We're always looking for more bartenders in interview! Email us at behindthepinebuffalo@gmail.com if you're a bartender or you know a bartender who you think would be great for this!

BONUS PIC: Here's a shot I took from the actual tattoo session: