Ahhh...finally, with all of the crap that is on TV nowdays, from Jersey Shore to Real Housewives of pretty much anywhere and Teen Moms/Addicts and whatever else is out there, some intellectual programming comes back to the airwaves. Well, intellectual to us anyways. Beavis and Butthead return from a 14 year hiatus this summer, but don't expect flashy new special effects and graphics, it will be the same old Beavis and Butthead we loved before, in fact not much is changing, they'll still be sitting on the same dirty couch watching TV and making fun of it. This time they just have alot more to make fun of (see the shows I mentioned above).

 Even Justin Bieber is excited for their return, which is weird because by our math, he was 3 years old the last time Beavis and Butthead were on...how long til they are picking on the Biebs??