Yes, I know, I realize that it’s January. In Buffalo. But holy crap, it was cold this week. Now many of you probably didn’t realize how bad it was, since I’m mostly focusing on Monday, a day where many people (definitely not me) had off of work and school. Be very thankful you were curled up all warm in your bed. Because at 7:15 a.m. in was 2 degrees.

By 7:50 a.m., it was 1 degree.

And when I drove away from my house at 8:05 a.m., it was zero.


I guess no one experienced what 1 degree felt like more than my 70-pound dog, Sonny. As I watched him go about his business that morning, he started acting really strange. He was doing a weird sort of dance that I had never seen him do before. And before long, plop. He fell over and began biting at his feet. The poor boy’s paws were too cold. Of course, Sonny chose to wander to the farthest point of our decent-sized yard, in the deepest snow. He got up after a few minutes and, like he was walking on eggshells, made it back in so mommy could warm up his little pupper paws.

So, those who had off, be thankful.

And all of us should be extremely grateful that we don’t have to go outside to go to the bathroom.