We've come to expect the extra scene in the closing credits of marvel movies for a glimpse of what's to come, but for the first time I was a little confused about the identity of the super villain who who was revealed at the end of the Avengers. But based on the "Oh, no you didn't" reaction of the super nerds sitting behind me, it must be a big deal.  So I turned to the cast of "the Big Bang Theory" and asked them who the dude with the red eyes, purple skin and chiseled chin is?

"That's Thanos, the mad titan," Sheldon told me.

"Oh," I responded, still perplexed because I haven't picked up a comic book since I was 12.

Sheldon, having noticed my inability to grasp the simple complexities of super-hero lore, informed me that he comes from the Eternal Colony on one of the moons of Saturn. And here I thought our astronomers would have discovered life on Saturn's Moon's before a Mad Titan plotted for control of the earth. Silly me.

Turns out Thanos got picked on as kid, because of his unusual size, misshapen body, and it didn't help that his brother Starfox looks like Matthew McCoughney. He ends up becoming obsessed with death who appears to him as a hot chick and begins tearing up the universe to impress her.

No wonder these nerds like him so much. Here's an ugly dude, who is obsessed with gaining power so that he can get laid. Classic Revenge of the Nerds stuff here. Dude, just creep her on facebook or something. No need to destroy the universe. Geesh.

Eventually Death gets ticked at Thanos (probably from all the unneccesary texting) and makes him imortal, insuring he can never enter her realm (if you know what I mean). So Thanos goes off, destroying civilizations and stuff. It turns out Earth is on his target list.

Will Thanos be the next villian in Avengers 2? He's 975 pounds of immortal, steroid ridden power. Seems like only a god like Thor or the Hulk could handle this guy. But then again, Tony Stark could take him cruising for chicks. That might settle him down a bit.