We're generously giving recognition to the artists that have shown the world how important the Holiday season is! Jack FM is featuring your, uh, our favorite Holiday Videos this week.

 Bon Jovi- He reminds us how good it is to be with the ones we love.

Bob Seger- Not only because he has the voice of a thousand Angels, but because you have to see how Seger's Light Specialist celebrates his Holidays.  Check out Bob Seger's Little Drummer Boy.

Bing Crosby and Dean Martin - Two men that can make a cold night feel like you're sitting by the glow of a warm fire with the sound of their beautiful bass-baritone voices.  White Christmas, Silent Night, and a few other famous Christmas jingles were made notable by Crosby's lulling voice, where Dean made you wish you were the girl in the song with Baby it's Cold Outside, and sitting next to him in the sleigh in Jingle Bells.