Besides needing them twice a year – once for camping and once for helping your friend move – are trucks really the way to go?

Sure, they’re big and tough. But, to me, they seem like a bust. And yes, I am aware that I am a chick. And it has been said that chicks can’t drive. (I don’t necessarily find that to be true with all chicks, but I know I fit that stereotype quite nicely.) So maybe my opinion doesn’t count. But, as I sat patiently as my husband drove around a parking lot trying to park his extended cab F-150 in spot after spot, I began to think about how much of a waste I think trucks are.

First off, they’re purdy spendy, as my brother-in-law from Kansas would say. You pay $40,000-plus for a hollowed out car. Most are gas-guzzlers. And most, as I’ve been learning, don’t fit into parking spots and the especially don’t fit in parking ramps.

Now, my husband’s truck has come in handy. It’s always good for tailgating (although it’s a bitch to get out of the parking lot after games at the Ralph). And, since he’s a hunter, the bed has seen its fair share of animal carcasses. Plus, we’ve been remodeling our house, so he’s at least getting a lot of use from it.

But once the remodeling’s done, will we need it? Do I really want to have a truck so that every friend and friend’s brother’s cousin’s uncle’s friend can ask us to help them move?

Heck no.

I say it’s time for my husband to be a real man and trade his guzzler in for a hybrid.

It could happen…