How many special collections can one band milk before the public stops buying them?

For Led Zeppelin, the list seems to be endless.

Plans are underway for what will be yet another Box set of Zeppelin classics, this time re-mastered from the original recordings.

Zeppelin has already done the 2 CD sets, the 3 CD sets and for us hard cores, the huge box that has every one of their albums stacked and ready to roll.

Now, we'll have another version of that, only with slightly different production attached.

Everyone know you don't buy these for the music, we have that already.

No, we buy these for the hard to find artwork and stories that come with the sets in nice booklets, sometimes hundreds of pages in length.

So get ready Zeppelin heads, your new box should be ready by this time next year.

Our Kid just asked us "What's a CD?".