Ok so I got my Droid X a couple months ago after my old phone "fell" in a glass of water.  Don't ask me I guess it shouldn't have tried to wake me up with it's whining alarm.  That being besides the point, ever since I got my new phone I've been selectively downloading new apps whenever I've  heard positive reviews about them.  I was quite jealous of I-phones, for all of one second, when I heard about this crazy addictive game called "Angry Birds". The last time I've really played video games must've been nintendo's "Super Mario Bros 3".  I sat for hours trying to get past every stage and decimated the game in no time.  Well I find myself doing it all again with "Angry Birds".  So pretty much everyone I know is already past the level I am (free version:android level 14-4), and I am becoming increasingly frustrated that I cannot get past this level. Anyways I want to warn you of the dangers of  "Angry Birds"

Battery Drain:

I can't believe how much my battery has been drained cause of this one game.  I'm sure that maybe there are other factors that contribute to battery drain but 3 consecutive nights in a row my phone has died while I was playing "Angry Birds".  On top of that last Thursday when I was out at Blu Martini this super hot chick wanted to give me her number and I had to tell her my battery was dead cause of "Angry Birds".  Who the hell has a pen and paper anymore...no one, that's who.  Anyways I've resorted to carrying around my charger wherever I go so that I can finish this level of "Angry Birds"

Restless Sleep:

I really can't sleep at night anymore, I hear the theme song in my head and I see birds flying at me dropping eggs and exploding ice blocks everywhere.  I wake up tossing and turning. Then when I come into work I pass out on the nearest couch while all the sales people look at me strangely.  They must all think I drink too much or something, but it's not the case....it's the "Angry Birds". The sleepless nights didn't start for me until after the first level. I think I had it under control then, plus it was easy, I was whipping through the game.  Not now, I think I'll have to chew some valerian root or something.

The Becoming:

I'm not at this level yet, but I hope my friends will intervene if I start dressing up like this

Images from the Hallowen Parade (2010)

Needless to say I'm not sure how many wasted hours I've spent on this game, but at least I'm not watching tv...right?   TWO-MILLION downloads for android systems alone and counting....