St. Patrick's Day in Buffalo is all about getting green and enjoying a drink... or 20. Oh, a reminder to those reading this who aren't from Buffalo; we come from a city where the bars open around 4:00PM(maybe earlier) and close at 4:00AM.  Some people around the nation call us professionals! We celebrate St. Patrick's Day twice if necessary. Once on the actual day, March 17th, and again when a parade can be held and our towns people can let loose from day break to sun set! Word to the wise if you are coming to visit and experience this blessed event, don't think that just because you are Irish, that you will be able to keep up with us Buffalonians.  Here are a few tips from someone who has been through a St. Patrick's Day or two.

Tip #1:Begin training on March 18th... the year before.  If you are looking to keep up, you'll need plenty of practice.

Tip#2: Train with Guinness, or any stout for that matter. Darker beers will teach your stomach how to handle anything!

Tip#3:Mid-way through training being to schedule regular weekend parties to test your progress.  Have events at these parties such as Das Boot, Flip Cup, or maybe just host a Bar Crawl... The more practice you get the better you will be!

I'm not trying to say outsiders can't handle a Buffalo St.Patrick's day... I'm just trying to remind anyone who is daring enough to attend our festivities that it takes knowing our culture and our practices to be able to truly keep up with Buffalo Drinking traditions. And if you need any recommendations for what where to go this St. Patrick's Day check out Brad's post on A Visual Guide to St. Patty's Day.