Rejoice Buffalonians!  Here is one "Worst Of" list Buffalo is not on. just put out America's Worst Commutes, and Buffalo missed it.  So before you "freak out" behind the wheel during your next local commute, be grateful you are not living and working in one of theses cities.  But before you check out the cities CLICK HERE , I want to say:  The flow of traffic in this area, especially in the city of Buffalo, is ridiculous!  

The timing of the lights combined with the amount AND placement of them is mind numbing.   I live in Buffalo and work downtown.  I live less than two (2) miles from where I work and it takes me 10-15 minutes to get to either place which now feels like a nanosecond compared to the 40 minute plus in certain cities.  But trust me, in Buffalo, it is not because of vehicle traffic, it’s because of these Three Color Green Menaces!

What do you hate most about commuting in the area?