It occurred to me this week that we, as Americans, are never completely satisfied with where we are in life. Walk through any grocery store and you’ll understand what I mean.

I first noticed it about two weeks ago. The month had just flipped to August and I was browsing through my favorite grocery store waiting for a prescription. I turned a corner to enter a new aisle and boom, there it was. The Halloween display.

I just walked by it, not putting two and two together. But now, as I passed the display this week, I am frustrated with the thought of Halloween shopping. (Sidebar: Who wants to eat candy that’s nearly three months old?)

I know we like to get a start on Christmas shopping and that’s why the malls start pimping themselves out in October and even September. But do we really need so much time to prepare for Halloween? Couldn’t the stores think of something better to advertise (say, back to school time or something)?

Maybe it’s just an excuse to buy candy, then eat it ourselves. Because if I’m buying candy for Halloween in August, it’s not even going to make it through the weekend.