The Legendary folk group America plays the Erie County Fair Grandstand tonight. Sure, they're a poor man's Crosby, Stills and Nash...and yes, "Horse with No Name" may have the stupidest lyrics in rock history (I've been through the Desert on Horse with No Name, and there ain't no one for to give me no pain...that's not even a sentence). Hell, only one of the members is actually from America. But America certainly is a guilty pleasure. And nobody in folk rock history rocked the casual beard and long hair better! Come on! Crank up the "Ventura Highway" and go cruisin on a Sunday Afternoon...what a riff!!! Think that one's good? How about that minor chord progression on "Sister Golden Hair"? Yea, you thought that was George Harrison, didn't you? America produced some fantastic songs, (albeit cheesy) that are fun to play when you want to (Folk) Rock!!!