Adam Carolla is a filthy, rude and full of uneducated opinions. Must be why we love him so much at Jack FM. The comedian, who has a show tomorrow night at UB's Center for the Arts, grabbed national attention last month when he told a New York Post reporter that women aren't funny. But the caustic commentator, explained that the quote was taken out of context. He was asked, "who's funnier, men or women?" His answer, "men". That led to the blogoshpere to run wild. Carolla explained that he admires the work of Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey and Kathy Griffin and he was not saying all female comedians suck.

That's the problem with comedians like Carolla, they generally run their mouth without a script and it tends to get them in trouble. Tomorrow night's show will feature lots of Carolla's off-the-cuff commentary as he usually elicits the crowd to give him a subject to rant about. He calls it, "What can't Adam complain about."

Carolla came through the comedy  ranks the same way his buddy Jimmy Kimmel did. They both worked in morning radio in Los Angles. Eventually, the two got their own show, "The Man-show", before Kimmel was signed to a network television deal. Carolla was the original host of "Loveline" with Dr. Drew and the show had TV and radio versions. In 2005, Carolla became the successor for Howard Stern in many West Coast markets but the show was eventually cancelled by CBS radio.

But that's when Carolla made his mark. He continued his radio show with podcasts from his living room which now hold the record on iTunes for the most downloaded show on the Internet. This NSFW rant on coffeeis classic Carolla and might help you understand what you're in for tomorrow night.