ABBA has sold more albums than the Beatles.

At least in Sweden, their home country.

Now comes a rumor that the four members might have patched things up enough to lay down their first music together in decades.

They haven't toured the USA since 1977, so a return to the stage for ABBA would be nothing less than a miracle for hard core fans.

And who doesn't like ABBA?

Even old 'I hate everything but KISS' Gene Simmons has respect for them.

He's been known to talk about how hard the piano in 'Dancing Queen' is to play, so anything is possible.

Well be sending out an 'S.O.S' to Frida and friends.

If they do a tour, will Frida sing her solo hit 'There's something going on'?

And if she does, will Phil Collins play drums, like he did on the single?

More useless musical knowledge from JACK.