There’s been much said about Saturday’s “party of the century.” As a guest at said party, I agree with most of the criticism. But, in the party’s defense, it wasn’t all a bust. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things that can be improved and the top 5 things that Mark Croce got right.

    What needs improvement:

  • I think it goes without saying that they need to cut the guest list – in half. And don’t open up to the public at 1 a.m. It cheapens the event and makes it seem like it’s all about the money.
  • More bars. More bartenders. If I were working as a bartender that night, I would’ve cut myself. A lot.
  • More beer and/or more alcohol. Period. You simply can’t run out of booze. Especially not on New Year’s Eve.
  • More ice. It is the Ice Ball after all. Ironic that this happened.
  • Security. It could’ve easily turned messy. The combination of long lines, booze and frustration can turn any night into a disaster.
    What was right:

  • The food. If you were lucky enough to get some, it was amazing. And they kept it coming most of the night.
  • The entertainment. My VIP room had The Strictly Hip to ring in the New Year. The dance floor was packed. (With dancers.)
  • Additional bars, food stations and coat checks upstairs. And people to point you in that direction.
  • A balloon drop and champagne at midnight. It felt like the movies.
  • Hype. Why else do you think there were so many people there?