We Play What We Want, so we have nobody to blame but ourselves when the complaints start coming in. We can verify that Jack FM never repeats a song all day (although that Carly Rae Jepsen diddy is pretty catchy, and we can understand why it gets played 150 times a week by other other Buffalo radio stations). But despite playing thousands of songs (more than any other Buffalo radio station), we still get complaints about repetition. We find this hilarious, but it's an open discourse. So here's another "big fan" of Jack FM.

My boss has recently decided to blast your radio station in his convenience store. Of course, I cannot turn off the radio or change the station. I'm being tortured by a repeating playlist of the worst songs ever written five days a week from midnight to 8 o'clock in the morning and it's only a matter of time before I start having PTSD-like symptoms the next time I hear that Nickelback song or Sister Christian by Night Ranger. I'd like to let you know that whoever is responsible for choosing your playlist deserves to be sent to prison for life without possibility of parole and waterboarded, and if it's computer-generated, the one responsible for programming the algorithm should suffer the same fate.

Seriously, a format change would be nice. Death metal would be awesome, but progressive rock would be alright. Anything but the overplayed garbage that's on now.


Keep em comin' Nick! But we're going to Play What We Want anyway. But thanks for listening, even if it wasn't on purpose.