One thing Jack FM can get behind is counter culture holidays, and is there anything more counter culture than 420, a day in which stoners celebrate consuming cannabis. You may know it better as Marijuana, Mary Jane, Maui Wowie, Chronic, Texas Tea, Reefer, Aunt Mary, Skank or Ganja.  I always found it symbolic that 420 falls so close to earth day. What a weekend it will be for the hippies. Now nobody is gonna take care of your 420 needs like Jack FM, well at least musically. So here's a bunch of 420 songs in a row to celebrate the pot head holiday. Tune in to Jack FM at 4:21 today to hear our 420 set (if we can keep them lit) and remember to carry around a bottle of Visine.

Bob Marley

Grateful Dead

Dave Matthews Band

Motley Crue