You already know you got this thing. With the Powerball now over $500 million and still growing, you can expect to take home about $245 million after taxes. So in an effort to pull our best MC Hammer, it's time to start figuring out how to spend that cabbage as quickly as possible.

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    The French-made sports car cruises at about 268 miles an hour, making it the perfect vehicle to cruise the 190. It costs about $2.8 million, so you should be able to put about 10 of these in your driveway, unless you live in South Buffalo where no one uses their driveway and the street parking is horrendous.

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    Diamond-Studded Bra

    Giselle Bundchen made this expensive piece of underwear famous in 2005, and it still remains unsold. For $15 million bucks, you can have this beauty. Of course, for $15 million bucks, I would ask that they throw in the other beauty, Giselle Bundchen. Sorry, Tom.

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    Asia Fender Stratocaster

    This guitar signed by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Def Leppard and Angus and Malcom Young is worth $2.7 million. Not even Liam Gallagher's autograph has devalued this dream axe. It sold at auction in 2004 for Tsunami Relief and is now worth $3.7 million. And just think, you'll still have money left over for guitar lessons.

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    Diamond-Covered iPhone 4s

    As if smartphone plans weren't expensive enough, along comes the diamond-covered iPhone 4s. This baby is all blinged up with a diamond-encrusted Apple logo, 500 diamonds and a platinum carrying case. Problem is, it's already out of date, and it doesn't come with diamond-encrusted batteries, so your phone will will likely die after just a couple of hours of surfing the web.

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    Troy Aikman's House

    Get sweet revenge for the Bills' two Super Bowl losses to Dallas and buy the most expensive house owned by an NFL player. Troy Aikman's Dallas home is valued at about $24 million. No wonder this guy is still working.

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    Another Skyway

    Sure, Brian Higgins thinks rehabilitating the Skyway is throwing good money after bad, but what if you had two Skyways? That would be awesome! And since you're paying for it, it could be called the [insert your name here] Skyway.

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    More Powerball Tickets

    Time to double down. The odds of winning the Powerball are one in 175 million. With your winnings, you could buy another 122 million tickets and win again! It's fuzzy math like that that got us so desperate to win the Powerball in the first place.

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    Another Mario Williams

    Well, the first Mario Williams has paid off so well, imagine what the Bills could do with two. That right, eight more sacks in garbage time. Now that's some Powerball football!!!

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    Jack FM

    That's right, we're for sale. Since we know there's no chance in hell of us actually winning the Powerball, we'll gladly sell you Jack FM for $245 million. Shhh, we haven't told the guys at corporate yet, but I'm sure they'll take the money. Then we can retire, and you can finally play what you want. Sounds like a good value to us.

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