It's an Awesome 80s weekend on Jack FM, so while you still love hearing so much of the great music you grew up with, chances are you don't have the same affinity for celebrities from the 80s. Still there are a few that got us guys threw puberty and the ladies gushed over in teen beat magazine that you still adore today. Here's our favorites:

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    Johnny Depp

    When Depp made his debut in "21 Jump Street" you probably didn't know he was so weird. After just a few seasons of one of Fox's first TV shows, Depp made the leap to the big screen. Teamed with Tim Burton roles like "Edward Scissorhands" made Depp a big time movie star, and he continues to be one of the most eccentric actors in Hollywood.

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    Christina Appelgate

    Long before family guy, Al Bundy and the cast of "Married with Children" were offending us on a weekly basis. While Al played the imbecile role to perfection, it was Kelly Bundy that most guys were tuning in for even though it was slightly inappropriate to be gawking the teen beauty played by Applegate. Today, Applegate still makes us laugh in the NBC comedy "Up All Night", and movies like "Bridesmaids" and has proven she's not as dim-witted as her "Married" character.

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    John Cusack

    Cusack burst on the scene in the movie "16 candles" and "Better Off Dead". We'll always remember the paperboy who wanted his two dollars, and the dancing hamburger who rocked Van Halen's "Everybody Wants Some", but roles like "High Fidelity" showcased the actor's real talents and the dark comedy "Grosse Point Blank" is highly under-rated. Even though "2012" didn't prove to be the epic we were hoping for, Cusack made up for it in the hilarious "Hot-Tub Time Machine".

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    Neil Patrick Harris

    Who would have thought that Doogie Howser had another role of a lifetime in him. That's exactly what Neil Patrick Harris did when he was cast as Barney Stinson in "How I Met Your Mother" and he was absolutely...legend...wait for it...dary. Harris is so good as the womanizing Stinson, that not even his coming out a few years later could ruin his portrayal of awesomeness. Still, we wish his character wouldn't have made that comment about Buffalo girls. We're giving you a pass this time.

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    Jason Bateman

    As hard as I tried to hate Jason Bateman, it's hard to deny his fine body of work. Yeah, "Valerie's Family" was a horrible show and it was pretty obvious it was a rip off of "Family Ties". It could have gone far worse for Bateman when he was cast as Teen Wolf when Fox bowed out. His recent acting choices have been much better, and he's become one of Judd Apatow's favorite go-to guys. "Horrible Bosses", "Arrested Development" and "Juno" are among his best roles. Too bad things didn't work out as well for his sister, Justine.

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    Demi Moore

    Demi Moore, is one of the sexiest women to ever grace the screen. Yeah, she's 50 something, and after her much publicized splits with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, she continues to hold the title of top cougar with her newest boyfriend in his 20's. While she hasn't done much on the big screen lately, you can't help but be amazed with how good she still looks.

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    Charlie Sheen

    Only Lindsay Lohan is a bigger trainwreck, but Charlie seems to have it all under control. We call that winning. We're convinced his character in "Major League" and just about every role he has played since is just Sheen being himself. And even though he got booted from "Three and a Half Men", he still has some swagger on his new show "Anger Management" and continues to make us laugh. Plus he's gone like a full six months now without coming unglued.

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    Alyssa Milano

    If you grew up in the 80s, then you grew up with Alyssa Milano. That funny feeling she gave you in your adolescence...still there at 42. Yeah, she's the crush that keeps on giving. Hot and sexy, there can never be enough Alyssa Milano.

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