Jack FM isn't the only famous Taurus celebrating a birthday this month, so is lyricist Bernie Taupin. Elton John and Taupin have often been called the Lennon and McCartney of the 70's. Even John admitted that without Taupin, there would be no Elton John. Here are some of Jack's favorite songs written by the lyricist.

  • 1

    Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer had a resurgence in pop culture thanks to "Almost Famous" and continues to find it's way into commercials and television shows. And there is likely no more misunderstood Elton John lyric. No, he's not singing "Hold me closer, Tony Danza." But this song is the boss!

  • 2

    Rocket Man

    In the early 70's, songs about space travel were pretty popular and Rocket Man still resonates with every kid who ever dreamed of going to outer space. Taupin wrote the lyrics watching a shooting star. No jokes about Elton John seeing Uranus please.

  • 3

    Bennie and the Jets

    This is the story of a fictional band and Taupin's satiracal look at the music scene of the 70's. But the brilliance of this song is stuttering through the B...B..B...Bennie part. Admit it. It's Fun. Plus it's not often that you see a white, English guy on Soul Train.

  • 4

    Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters

    Yea, it's a deep cut. But it may be one of the most fascinating compositions from John and Taupin's 70's collection. Plus it was also featured in "Almost Famous," but nobody seems to remember that.

  • 5

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Not only is it the title track to John's Best album, it was one of his biggest hits. This was pre-MTV and Youtube and Taupin's Wizard of Oz imagery is Captain Fantastic.

  • 6

    These Dreams

    Who knows what would have happened to this song if it was recorded by Stevie Nicks, who Taupin had written it for. Instead, the hotter Wilson sister, Ann, took lead vocals on Heart's biggest chart-topping hit.

  • 7

    We Built This City

    This song has been called "one of the most awesomely bad songs ever" by Blender Magazine and one of the worst songs of the 80's by Rolling Stone. Well, in 1985 it won a Grammy and was Starship's first number one song. Cut Bernie a break, it was the 80's. We all did stupid things in the 80's we thought were cool.