Some of Jack's favorite things are 80's music, partying at the beach and long weekends. Lucky for you, because we're celebrating Memorial Day and our 7th Birthday with a 3 day weekend of Awesome 80's music. It's our gift to ourselves, but if you enjoy it too, that's great. Here's 7 awesomely awful one hit wonders we're pulling out because we can. It's our 7th Birthday on Monday, and we kinda' been doing this thing where we play what we want for the last 7 years. So crank Jack FM up around the barbecue, or while you chill with us at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds on Memorial Day.

  • 1

    Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

    What I Am

    If you're down with hippie chicks, then Edie Brickell's "What I Am" is your jam. Brickell was 'it' for about a minute, then she married Paul Simon and we never heard from her again. Should there be an investigation?

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    Forever Young

    Technically, Alphaville had another hit song called "Big in Japan," but guess where it was popular. Los Angeles, go figure. If you went to prom in 1988, this was likely your prom song. So ask Daddy if you can borrow the Camaro, we'll steal the boos from the liquor cabinet and bust out the smoke machines. It's time to hook up.

  • 3


    On the Loose

    Canadian rockers Saga have released over 20 albums, but outside of Canada they will only be known for one song, "On the Loose". But their loyal fans continue to follow them, and while they aren't Big in Japan (or Los Angeles) they are huge in Germany.

  • 4

    General Public


    General Public proved that men have feelings too, all we need is a little tenderness. Nobody knew this better than Anthony Michael Hall, who knew the importance of showing the family jewels some tenderness in the movie "Weird Science," that featured this one hit wonder and 80's hottie, Kelly LeBrock (and the famous catch phrase,"Don't hate Jack FM because we're beautiful").

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    Suzanne Vega


    Sorry, Tom's Diner doesn't count as hit for Suzanne Vega because it was originally a horrific acoustic song until it was remixed by DNA. The only pure Suzanne Vega song is "Luka", and it powerfully touched on the subject of domestic violence in an eerily, happy way. Bet you 5 bucks you know where she lives?

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    Donnie Iris

    Ah Leah

    Donnie Iris had this Elvis Costello vibe going for him, dressed in geek sheek in the video for 'Ah, Leah'. What he never had was Elvis Costello's career, but what a great song. Don't know why he takes his shirt off during the guitar solo though. Crazy 80's videos.

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    David and David

    Welcome to the Boomtown

    Worst part of having instance success has got to be the fall from Stardom, which took it's toll on David and David who broke up shortly after the release of 'Boomtown'. Luckily, they didn't break up long because it would have been very confusing simply attending a 'David' concert. How would you know which one you're getting? While 'Boomtown' didn't make them rich, they probably made some good bacon when they collaborated with Sheryl Crow, helping her launch her career, on Tuesday Night Music Club in 1997.