Although millions and millions of people play fantasy football, there are really only five types of fantasy football general managers out there. Which one are you?

The Tinkerer. Every league has this GM. You know exactly who this guy is in your league because he has already made 10 transactions. This person sits at home every Sunday, right next to his computer, and as soon as some no-name player breaks out a 50-yard touchdown, he adds him. The Tinkerer is also known to post un-creative, annoying messages on your league's board talking smack about his pickups. The Tinkerer usually lives in his parents' basement.

Average Joe/Joanne. This GM is the majority of fantasy players out there. He/she just wants to have fun! He/she picks up a guide on the way to the draft, only adds people when others get injured, tends to live a normal life, and won’t break anything if he/she loses. And, yes, Average Joe/Joanne usually loses, but his/her overall sanity allows him/her to lead a productive life outside fantasy football!

Too Many Leagues Guy. Anything more than two leagues is too many, yet this guy has 5-10! Every one of his sentences begins with, “In one of my leagues…” Just because you are in 10 leagues doesn’t mean you’re a pro. He's usually an average, middle-of-the-road fantasy player but hopes he just gets lucky in one or two leagues.

Draft and Ditch. The Donation GM. He shows up to the draft drunk, with no pen or paper, and looks over your shoulder trying to steal your sleepers. He just doesn't care -- no pickups, no trading and you’ll be lucky if he sets his lineup every week.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. This GM does it every year. He always gets the sleepers that pan out, always wins the trades and is always in the running for the championship. You hate this GM, but you respect him!

Contributed by Dennis Mazur