The Olympics may be over, but our jealousy isn't!. Let's face it: We're all for American pride, but seriously? Olympians have it made! Don't tell me you don't question why your parents never kept paying for those swimming lessons when you were five.

I asked around about the topic, and here's what people said they secretly love to hate when watching the Olympics.

Athletic ability. This seems obvious, but take the gymnastic team, for example. Those girls  have more physical strength then you ever thought you had in a drunken bar fight. They're young, and they already can say they participated on the USA Olympic team and flaunt gold medals. What can you say?

Athletic ability on top of good looks. Anyone notice how many girls immediately swooned over Ryan Lochte? Yeah, he's good looking, but athletic skills automatically bump him way up on the attractiveness scale. Without his swimming, Lochte'd be nothing, I tell you -- nothing!

But it's not just Lochte; many Olympians just were great looking, and I don't mean just physically built. I'm talking about the kind of good looks that don't come from 5 a.m. training. Who doesn't look up to these people?

The opening and closing ceremonies. We all watched the whole thing, but half the time, I was wondering what was going on and what was with the crazy outfits.

All the weird sports. Who knew race walking existed? Who knew people actually train for archery? I'm now mad at my parents for not starting me up with these sports when I was young.

But what's crazier is the fact that most people I asked (including myself) watched these weird sports and found them extremely interesting.

The Spice Girls. The Spice Girls' closing ceremony appearance left their longtime fans with a general feeling of pure happiness. So what did we love to hate here? How the Spice Girls manage to look good after all this time!

Contributed by Marissa Bruno