Cosmo recently released a list of things girls do that guys consider “turnoffs.” I don't know about you, but I think this list is pretty sexist. I mean, it can't be just girls who do these things, right? And what about the things guys do that turn us ladies off? So, guys, because I know you're dying to know, here are a few things that you should stop doing, like, now.

  • Acting Too Cocky

    Girls don’t want to know how many other girls you've been with or how every girl is just dying for your attention. Really. And if you have to brag about how many cars you own, you're trying too hard. Most girls genuinely do not care what you drive. So be sure of yourself, but not too sure of yourself – because that's what makes girls think you just want to date yourself.

    (mynameisharsha, Flickr)
  • Friending Too Many Girls on Social Media

    In Cosmo’s list, they referenced girls who stay Facebook friends with an ex. If this isn't OK, then you men shouldn’t have too many lady friends on the Internet either! You know what I'm talking about: Those girls who “like” every photo, but you've never met in real life. Honestly, if only girls comment on your profile pictures or your entire wall is full of random girls, I’m much less likely to want to talk to you.

    (M i x y, Flickr)
  • Getting Too Into Sports

    Hey, I like sports just as much as anyone – that’s something that isn’t specific to gender. But when your entire Facebook or Twitter feed is dedicated to your favorite team, I’m a little weirded out. Or if most of your apartment/house is decorated in honor of Kobe or Peyton, I’ll probably wonder if you've really left high school.

    (Stephen Dunn, Getty Images)
  • Being Too Narcissistic

    Don’t check yourself out in every mirror-like surface (this goes for anyone, really). It’s good to be confident in your appearance, which would mean you don't need to constantly check yourself out. Again, this goes along with being too cocky, I don't want to date someone who’s in love with himself.

    (Carsten Koall, Getty Images)
  • Falling Too Hard, Too Fast

    Men listed this as a turnoff, but I think this one goes both ways. It’s good you want to show your feelings -- really that’s great. Every girl wants to hear that she’s beautiful or that someone loves her. But don't be Ted Mosby. Remember how he told Robin he loved her after one date, even before he kissed her? That kind of commitment before really getting to know someone is scary, whether you're a guy or a girl. Hold in your emotions for a little bit while you try to decide how she feels. Don’t say it too soon or too much; you don't want to scare a girl away.

    (How I Met Your Mother, Facebook)