Ahhh, Valentine's Day chocolate -- a great way to tell that special someone you love them. In the 1860s, Cadbury began marketing chocolate candies in a heart-shaped box, and since then, candy-makers have come up with some awesomely weird alternatives. (Personally, it doesn't matter what shape chocolate comes in -- it's all delicious to me!)


Give someone your (anatomical) heart, literally. It's up to you to choose your flavor; dark or milk chocolate.


What's more romantic than telling your Valentine that you think of them all the time with a chocolate human brain? Mmmmmmmmm -- brains.

Creative Chocolates of Vermont

Perhaps remind your Valentine that you want that project around the house completed with this chocolate tool set.


Nothing says love like a solid milk chocolate salmon -- nothing.

Serenade Chocolatiers

Chocolate dentures for your Valentine? Why not!